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Life, One Image At A Time


A lot of the images I do are essentially a recording of daily events and images that are constantly around us. Each image is a moment in time that can never be truly replicated but at least we can record that moment and cherish it in our memories.


As I get older and wiser (hopefully), I find that more and more I relish these connections to times past when life was easier and more carefree. I now make a conscious effort to help others capture the memories that they will cherish as they get older and wiser and look back on times when they were not so wise, or old.


The impetus for my photographic journey was the birth of my first child more than 40 years ago. The vast majority of my pictures were black and white images mostly because there were so many of them (proud father) and it was more economical. As my skills improved I eventually migrated to wedding photography and a plethora of hobbyist pursuits.


Needless to say the technology has greatly improved since then and, along with my avid interest in computers, has made life so much more fun than the days of a colour darkroom in the basement of my home.


Hopefully, at some point, the images I am capturing will revive fond memories in the minds of those people whose likenesses I have captured within these images.


Take care and smile, you never know who may be taking your picture.  :-)

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